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How to make macrame plant hanger for wall, step by step Tutorial

This is a slightly more advanced DIY. It uses many macrame knots and techniques. This Macrame wall planter or plant hanger is great for Boho Chic Farmhouse Decor for Bedroom, Dorm Room, Living Room.

DIY Honeycomb Hexagon Shelves

With their hexagonal design, bee cells are the most solid structure of nature. Include shelves shaped socket to your home, using them as storage space. A great way to express your personality! Here's how to make this beautiful hexagonal honeycomb style shelving unit for your home. (For More Details Click Here)

How to make a pineapple lamp with plastic spoons

This project is very fast and cheap! Make a pineapple shaped lamp with simple plastic spoons. Dress your old bedside lamp to illuminate your room. Do not you think that this lamp is perfect for a colorful room? It can equally well be appropriate in the decoration of a tropical evening!

How to make a pineapple lamp with plastic spoons

Small 40 Square-Meter Apartment Design Optimized by Tomas Belica

Discover in pictures the small Italian apartment, luxury in Bratislava, Slovakia, this charming crib has no more than 40m2.

Tomas Belica - CEO Tolicci Design Studio, created this little by objective create separate living spaces with every comfort, brightness and practicality are at the rendezvous of the small space that exudes peace and tranquility .
The living room is bright and social space with the opening to both the kitchen and sleeping area.

Salon on the small Apartment

Diy: How To Decorate Your Medicine Cabinet Using Wallpaper

The wallpaper is not simply decorates our walls, it is very popular for reboost our deco or a specific corner of our rooms.
Refresh cheaply decorated made the greater good! here is an ingenious idea and economic to restore radiance to your medicine cabinet.

For more details visit Source.

How To Decorate Your Medicine Cabinet Using Wallpaper

DIY: How To Make A Beautiful Metallic Artwork

You seek a lovely wall decoration for your home? 99Create helps you discover something simple and graphic for your Home that the boys themselves could do.

This tutorial shows you the technique, and the variations and possibilities are endless using less materials to make this beautiful wall painting.

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 Beautiful  Metallic Artwork

6 Tips to Reduce Flies Around the Chicken Coop

Having chickens in a henhouse in the garden of your home is beneficial, but it has its drawbacks. Chickens require more maintenance than common pets and can become a nuisance when your house clean before, is infested with flies. Moreover, this infestation is not only uncomfortable for people, it is also unhealthy for chickens. Follow the appropriate steps to prevent this type of agencies and reduce the amount of flies in the barn and corral.

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Infestations of flies Prevention

1- Confirms that the chicken is well constructed to prevent it from becoming a haven for flies. It must be well ventilated, well insulated walls and around the house should be elevated above ground level, even a few inches. The floor must be smooth, without holes. Keep the door locked at night also prevents flies from entering.

2- Clean the litter as often as necessary to prevent that is too wet or damp as these conditions create an ideal environment for raising flies. If you replace the litter every month and still seems too wet, you may need more frequent cleaning. Make sure that water and food are well contained and the surrounding area is as clean as possible.

3- Encourage your chickens feed on insects quickly. They naturally love to eat insects and are able to eat in three stages.

4- Place sticky traps flies around the henhouse chickens in places where they do not interfere with them. Hanging traps act as a site for flies to land halfway up. Glue boards should be placed where the chickens can not stand on or trip accident. Although not recommended for large-scale infestation of Venus flytrap plants are natural predators of these insects.

5- Let your chickens inside their house during the day and allow them to go outside at night during the lifecycle active midges. Because the midges are active during the day, your chickens can remain protected within the limits of their coop.

6- Dust off your chickens with a form of permethrin 10 percent if attacked by midges. Wear gloves and sprinkle the dust of the permethrin on the surface of the head, back and belly and under their wings. Follow the recommendations of the bottle to a safe dosage.

Tips & Warnings

Even after the fly population has decreased, it maintains the precautionary measures regularly cleaning and traps in and around the corral.

Consider the chemical insecticides as a last resort. Start with the most cost effective residual spraying in the spring, which is when the fly season begins. Avoid spraying in or on food and water. Read all labels and instructions before purchasing these items to prevent damage to the chickens.