How to make a pineapple lamp with plastic spoons

This project is very fast and cheap! Make a pineapple shaped lamp with simple plastic spoons. Dress your old bedside lamp to illuminate your room. Do not you think that this lamp is perfect for a colorful room? It can equally well be appropriate in the decoration of a tropical evening!

How to make a pineapple lamp with plastic spoons

You will need:

- A small lamp
- A wide bottle (I used a squash bottle)
- Plastic spoons (I used exactly 125!)
- Yellow paint
- Green cardstock
- A glue gun
- X-acto Knife

Using an Xacto knife cut off the base of your bottle

Remove the spoons from their handles and paint it

Start applying your spoons to the base of your bottle

Cut a spiny star shape out of your green card

Glue the green star over the rough top of the spoons

Cut out spear shapes, apply glue to the base and apply to the inside of the plastic bottle

Cut the spines slightly to different sizes and finally shape to make them look perfectly pineappley

How to make a pineapple lamp with plastic spoons

Pineapple lamp with plastic spoons

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