How to make a pineapple lamp with plastic spoons

This project is very fast and cheap! Make a pineapple shaped lamp with simple plastic spoons. Dress your old bedside lamp to illuminate your room. Do not you think that this lamp is perfect for a colorful room? It can equally well be appropriate in the decoration of a tropical evening!

How to make a pineapple lamp with plastic spoons

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Small 40 Square-Meter Apartment Design Optimized by Tomas Belica

Discover in pictures the small Italian apartment, luxury in Bratislava, Slovakia, this charming crib has no more than 40m2.

Tomas Belica - CEO Tolicci Design Studio, created this little by objective create separate living spaces with every comfort, brightness and practicality are at the rendezvous of the small space that exudes peace and tranquility .
The living room is bright and social space with the opening to both the kitchen and sleeping area.

Salon on the small Apartment

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Diy: How To Decorate Your Medicine Cabinet Using Wallpaper

The wallpaper is not simply decorates our walls, it is very popular for reboost our deco or a specific corner of our rooms.
Refresh cheaply decorated made the greater good! here is an ingenious idea and economic to restore radiance to your medicine cabinet.

For more details visit Source.

How To Decorate Your Medicine Cabinet Using Wallpaper

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DIY: How To Make A Beautiful Metallic Artwork

You seek a lovely wall decoration for your home? 99Create helps you discover something simple and graphic for your Home that the boys themselves could do.

This tutorial shows you the technique, and the variations and possibilities are endless using less materials to make this beautiful wall painting.

For more instruction visit Source

 Beautiful  Metallic Artwork

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6 Tips to Reduce Flies Around the Chicken Coop

Having chickens in a henhouse in the garden of your home is beneficial, but it has its drawbacks. Chickens require more maintenance than common pets and can become a nuisance when your house clean before, is infested with flies. Moreover, this infestation is not only uncomfortable for people, it is also unhealthy for chickens. Follow the appropriate steps to prevent this type of agencies and reduce the amount of flies in the barn and corral.

Source Of Image

Infestations of flies Prevention

1- Confirms that the chicken is well constructed to prevent it from becoming a haven for flies. It must be well ventilated, well insulated walls and around the house should be elevated above ground level, even a few inches. The floor must be smooth, without holes. Keep the door locked at night also prevents flies from entering.

2- Clean the litter as often as necessary to prevent that is too wet or damp as these conditions create an ideal environment for raising flies. If you replace the litter every month and still seems too wet, you may need more frequent cleaning. Make sure that water and food are well contained and the surrounding area is as clean as possible.

3- Encourage your chickens feed on insects quickly. They naturally love to eat insects and are able to eat in three stages.

4- Place sticky traps flies around the henhouse chickens in places where they do not interfere with them. Hanging traps act as a site for flies to land halfway up. Glue boards should be placed where the chickens can not stand on or trip accident. Although not recommended for large-scale infestation of Venus flytrap plants are natural predators of these insects.

5- Let your chickens inside their house during the day and allow them to go outside at night during the lifecycle active midges. Because the midges are active during the day, your chickens can remain protected within the limits of their coop.

6- Dust off your chickens with a form of permethrin 10 percent if attacked by midges. Wear gloves and sprinkle the dust of the permethrin on the surface of the head, back and belly and under their wings. Follow the recommendations of the bottle to a safe dosage.

Tips & Warnings

Even after the fly population has decreased, it maintains the precautionary measures regularly cleaning and traps in and around the corral.

Consider the chemical insecticides as a last resort. Start with the most cost effective residual spraying in the spring, which is when the fly season begins. Avoid spraying in or on food and water. Read all labels and instructions before purchasing these items to prevent damage to the chickens.

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DIY: How to Make a Candle out of an Orange

if you decide to embark on scouting or you want to decorate your table during a dinner in the garden. Learn how to turn an orange or tangerine into a candle, it is possible! All you need is an orange, a knife, a spoon, a match, and some oil! That's it! after image Slice one orange in half, and carefully scoop out the orange sections, leaving just the rind.

Candle out of an Orange

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DIY: How To Build A Wood Crates Storage

With a few simple tools , there are a thousand and one way to build your storage, to develop a modular library, bespoke dressing, or simply create a wall decoration cheap with recycled objects.

This article helps you to learn how to make storage units for your home with using crates to organize your child’s books and toys. These colorful crate bookshelves will add warmth and color to your child’s room.

How To Build A Wood Crates Storage

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DIY: Personalized Home Welcome Doormat

Nothing says Welcome Home like a homemade welcome mat!A doormat allows you to express yourself, define your style to the outside world, as well as is practical for preventing dirt coming into the home.
Ashley made this adorable Doormat . I rarely find doormats that are especially amazing. This DIY donut door mat was so easy to make and you could easily do it. So why not create your own?

DIY: Personalized Home Welcome Doormat

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Inside a Young Family’s Eclectic California Home

I just love the project Amber Lewis I have been constantly impressed with her work with his creative flair and individual style home, the whole house looks amazing. A bohemian mix of white , bright spaces , natural materials and layers and layers of vintage textiles richly embroidered and dyed . The design is inspired by Los Angeles based Amber Interiors , which in addition to offering both service and interior design e- design, is also the source of much of the decor.

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DIY: Colourful fabric covered flower pot

Colourful fabric covered flower pot set. The perfect windowsill decoration. These great little pots have been transformed from an everyday object into something just that little bit special, making them perfect to decorate any indoor space. Victorian terracotta plant pots covered in beautifully vibrant cotton fabrics. They will look amazing individually or displayed in a cluster.

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DIY: Make Mystery Braid Bracelet

DIY: Make Mystery Braid Bracelet

Tired of paying a fortune for leather bracelets that you could easily do yourself ? So go ahead and create your own bracelet ! The technique is simple and you will have a sophisticated jewel homemade.
This mystery braid bracelet tutorial is easy to follow and you can find the supplies at your local craft store or on Amazon with this Mystery Braid Bracelets kit.

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DIY: Make a Wood-Slat Doormat

Here are some ideas to tinker cheaply a doormat entrance mat that set you apart from your neighbors in an original way , without the need to be a super handyman.
This simple wooden entrance mats, surprise your friends! To manufacture simply cut wooden slats to the desired size , and then drill them. Then assemble with a rope tied to the spaces.

DIY: Make a Wood-Slat Doormat

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DIY: Gold Sequin Clothes Hanger

Bring your wardrobe to life by adding a little bit of sparkle in to your closet; this takes just minutes to do and you can choose the colour scheme.these hangers can be used to display your favorite print or poster, or to exhibit your most exquisite dresses.

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36 Cool Creative Headboard Ideas for Your House

The headboard is one of the central elements of a room . A symbol of elegance and comfort, determines alone the mood of the room. Obviously, this design comes in all styles  romantic, vintage or cozy ... Here you will find the 25 best ideas to make the headboard that will watch over your sleep.

Headboard Idea

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33 Small Bathroom Ideas To Maximize Your Space

With all our examples of small bathrooms, you will discover that it is not necessary to have large volumes to design a bathroom easy to live. These small bathrooms demonstrate that with a lot of ideas and ingenuity to optimize space , you can create a small comfortable bathroom even in a small room.

Small Bathroom Idea

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40 Fabulous Ideas to Decorate Your Garden with Bamboo

No matter if it comes to plant bamboo , bamboo furniture or decorative pieces of bamboo , bamboo decor will help you to create a relaxing atmosphere in your garden or outdoor space. Because bamboo is not just nice to look at but it is also seen as a sustainable and ecological material. Bamboo is a perennial plant that can survive in very difficult conditions such as humidity, heat or cold . In this article we will give you some ideas how to use the Deco bamboo in your garden or outdoor space.

bamboo landscaping

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Villa LUGANO by Angelo Pozzoli in SWITZERLAND

Around Lugano with a stunning view to the lake and the mountains. VILLA – LUGANO starts from the cooperation with Studio Sangiorgio in Mendrisio (Switzerland) and it is located on a hilly land, with an amazing view to the lake and mountains. The ground analysis was foundamental to choose for a corner building: from one side, parallel to the way in, a minimalist building in reinforced concrete , even as outside finishing.

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DIY: Origami lampshade from paper

If you’re looking for a modern lighting solutions, I have a new DIY tutorial, an origami hanging lamp made from wallpaper.This style I like is elegant and it marries almost every decor .
For more instruction for this Tutorial visit Homedit.

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Diy eye print cushion cover

Give a new look to your cushion covers with eye. These eye pillows create a light atmosphere and perfect warm. If you love the tendency of the eyes as much as I am, get those empty toilet paper rolls together and let's start !

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Renovated old house in Switzerland in an original way

In the small village of Caviano in Switzerland the owners of this lovely house wanted to save the most of the natural beauty of this old stone house.

The work was carried out in 2014 and created a beautiful charming 166 m² on three levels + dependence , with beautiful views of the nearby lake . It is more common to see old rustic buildings dating often several centuries , as is the case here, renovated in such a creative way.

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Bleach spotted any of your textile projects

To customize its fabric , Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman opted for a simple and effective method : bleach splashes fabric . The result is beautiful , very clean, but it is more advisable to use for deco creations or accessories rather than clothing.

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