Small 40 Square-Meter Apartment Design Optimized by Tomas Belica

Discover in pictures the small Italian apartment, luxury in Bratislava, Slovakia, this charming crib has no more than 40m2.

Tomas Belica - CEO Tolicci Design Studio, created this little by objective create separate living spaces with every comfort, brightness and practicality are at the rendezvous of the small space that exudes peace and tranquility .
The living room is bright and social space with the opening to both the kitchen and sleeping area.

Salon on the small Apartment

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Diy: How To Decorate Your Medicine Cabinet Using Wallpaper

The wallpaper is not simply decorates our walls, it is very popular for reboost our deco or a specific corner of our rooms.
Refresh cheaply decorated made the greater good! here is an ingenious idea and economic to restore radiance to your medicine cabinet.

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How To Decorate Your Medicine Cabinet Using Wallpaper

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DIY: How To Make A Beautiful Metallic Artwork

You seek a lovely wall decoration for your home? 99Create helps you discover something simple and graphic for your Home that the boys themselves could do.

This tutorial shows you the technique, and the variations and possibilities are endless using less materials to make this beautiful wall painting.

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 Beautiful  Metallic Artwork

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